Internal Winder Posts

Excalibur (The King)

The posts are made from (8000 ULTRAGAL C350) 75mm square tennis net posts deliver superior scratch resistance and comprise of zinc (Zn), aluminium (Al), and magnesium (Mg) - providing maximum durability 2.5 times harder than galvanised steel, maximum efficiency, and maximum versatility. The stainless steel fittings are a stand out feature. The bronze and stainless steel gears are longer wearing than brass.

With high corrosion resistance and good galvanic protection, these tennis posts are ideal for corrosive environments, such as coastal / bay areas.

The active end winding post has an internal stainless steel and bronze machined finish internal winder mechanism to tension the net cable for performance and precise winding action. The post cap has a cable wheel, drop-down handle, and nameplate, all made from stainless steel.
The safety handle is removable and drops flat against the post when not in use. The cable is tensioned by feeding excess net cable through a hole in the drum gear and winding the handle. Posts are supplied with sleeve cover plates.
The posts have Waverail welded from top to bottom for side net tying.
Finished in gloss black two-pack urethane for a long-lasting shine.
The nonwinding post has an internal hook for the net cable and a stainless steel cap.


• Corrosion-resistant for longevity
• Displays a high-quality surface finish
• Superior scratch resistance
• No sharp edges
• Maximum durability

Ground Sleeve


Standard PVC ground sleeve & galvanised steel cap. Available to suit 60mm round or 75mm square posts.

Standard Internal Winder Net


Top quality net for internal winder posts. Braided polyethylene net, 3mm cord, 48mm mesh size, double mesh at top, tarpaulin headband, side dowels, 12.7m long x 770mm drop.